Are you running a small business and looking for ways to attract more customers? We have just the answer for you: online video marketing. Research shows that online video marketing is one of the fastest rising advertisement methods out there, and people greatly benefit from investing in a quality explainer video to promote their business. Living in today’s world, you may already have considered online video marketing as a great option, but if you still need convincing, let us help you out:

The Oomph Factor

Video adds an extra dimension to your online ad, and in a mere two to three minutes, you can relate your concept better than you can in the limited space you would get in a magazine or news print advertisement. Videos are stimulating in a way that text isn’t, as text requires more focus and time, which most users just aren’t willing to spare out of their fast-paced lives. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to online video marketing for their promotional needs.


Like we said before, more and more businesses are jumping on the online video marketing bandwagon every day. This means that most of your competitors have already utilized the power of their video, and are taking away clients from your business because they’ve got a more effective marketing method. Don’t let them take away the customers that should be yours; it’s time to up your game and meet them head on by getting on the same level. Invest in a good quality video to promote your business and also gain marketing advantage.


Humans need emotional cues to help them make decisions, and text can take too long to convey the same kind of emotion that video can in a short period of time. That’s why books can be about a thousand pages long, and the movie versions are just 90 minutes long. Video allows both our brain’s auditory and visual senses to be simulated, and we pick up on music, body language, colors, and movement, all of which register more deeply with our systems, and stay with us for longer.

The Human Aspect

A video allows the potential customer to see you on screen, sharing your story about your work, and allows connections to be forged on a humanistic level. This means that once people can put a face to a name, they are more willing to trust you and your company. Your credibility rises, and people start to see you as an honest business that they should become a part of.

Quality online video marketing is sure to bring attention and increased sales to your products or services. You’ve been thinking about it, and now it’s time to act on it.

Here is a sample explainer video: