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Video Marketing is the art of storytelling for your businesses’ through video. Regardless of our technological advances, the art of storytelling is one that will never die. It has evolved through centuries, and no longer means what it did to our ancestors: gathering around fire while the elders tell tales of past magic. The art is ever changing, and evolves with time and technology. Today, we tell our stories through video, and take our viewers on a journey with us as we convey our message visually, through motion. In the modern age, our art means that instead of telling, we can show; and as all the greatest storytellers will tell you, that’s the sign of a successful story.

How We Tell Stories Today

As we move towards the future at lightning speed, our brains are getting accustomed to processing large quantities of information quickly, and we are constantly searching for innovation as we continue to leap forward. That’s why, we are averse to anything that will hold us down for too long, and are always looking for static and movement. Simple stories, the way they were told in the past, through words and text and time-consuming dialog, just don’t hold our interest anymore. This holds true in video advertising also. Today, we need to see them, feel them, and experience them, instead of reading them. Today, visual triumphs textual, and so, the video is born.

Why Video?

Our brains are hardwired to pick up on motion. That’s why the cinema has always been popular, and continues to grow as an industry; and that’s why commercials revolutionized the world of advertising. The next big step to come our way is the explainer video, which allows manufacturers and business owners to use video for storytelling, and help us, the consumer, understand exactly who they are and what they can provide for us. This way, we don’t limit storytelling to authors and filmmakers; with these little videos, we understand that each individual has a story.

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. For us to believe that only certain people have the right to tell stories is elitist and wrong, and with video marketing, everyone can bring forth their message, and relieve their agony.

What is Your Story?

If your business also believe that everyone has a story to tell and that today, everyone is allowed to tell theirs through video, contact us. We will help you create the perfect video to convey your message to the world, and declare your purpose. Nobody should have to suffer the agony described by Maya Angelou, and nobody should feel as though their life and their work are not worth sharing with the world. Whether you want to attract customers, attract like-minded people, want validation, or just want to show the world that you exist and have something to say; nothing should stop you. Contact us, and we’ll make it happen together.