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facebook Video AdsLearn Facebook Ads

If you are looking to learn Facebook Ads, here is a great course you can take. Here is the first video of the course.

If you are interested in taking the full course, here is a link where you can do just that.

Facebook Ads Course

Facebook Ads Course Video Ads

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Video marketing can help your small business penetrate the content deluge and give you an edge over the competition. In this age of cut-throat competition, video gives you the opportunity to create a dynamic local video marketing campaign to interact with prospects and allow them to know your business better.

No other type of marketing form stands on a par with video marketing when it comes to creating an impact on the target audience and generating sales. In fact, according to the Forrester Research Group, video is 53 times more likely to rank higher in the search engines than text pages. A website with short video clips receives almost three times as many clicks as those that are flooded with mere written text.

Marketing Business Ideas

While creating a marketing plan, small businesses must look for exceptionally creative local video marketing ideas that are conversion-driven, customer focused, awesome for customer engagement, and can solve customer problems.

  • Short and interesting

Viewers have an attention span of about 30 seconds. Let your advertising or branding video include the most impactful message within the first 30 seconds so that your target audience gets to see exactly what you want them to know about your brand.

  • Call to action

No content, whether text or video or image, can create an impactful impact on the audience without a call to action – something that will lure the viewer into clicking and coming back. Don’t forget to include your contact details, including address, phone number, website and e-mail. You might want to include a map to enable your prospects to find your brick and mortar building easily.

  • Optimized videos

Video marketing is one of the best ways for advertising small businesses and to dominate your local search rankings. As a small business, your focus should be to create high quality videos optimized for selected local keywords that have the most traffic. Do not forget to place the keyword in the video description, title, and meta tags.

  • Distribute videos

Promote your video through every possible marketing channel, including social media, email, online ad campaign, and YouTube, to spread the word about your brand and attract audience. Do not forget to include your video in your own website. Your video should be ideally placed to enable prospects to easily view the visual content when they visit your website and get an impression about your brand.

  • Combine video and images

Video marketing is all about creating an impact on prospects, convincing them to make a purchase, and turning leads into sales. Including still images of your products, location, and employees, or anything that may interest target audience will add variety to your visual advertisement.

  • Personalize

Local video marketing will create a greater impact on local audience. Let your video speak for itself by including a personal message, customer testimonial or recommendation, or a series of staff interviews, making a convincing form of video content. Your audience trusts customer testimonials more than any other form of marketing.

One of the best marketing business ideas is to use your online video as a great visual representation of your business to show your customers what they don’t usually see in order to generate interest. You can add your video to the local online business listing and stand apart from the competition.

YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google. The online video hosting service enables greater customer interaction and engagement. In fact, YouTube is increasingly being used as a marketing tool for businesses that allows you to promote your brand and products through visual content. As a business, you can use YouTube marketing videos to

  • express your brand image

  • promote products/services

  • launch a new product

  • monitor customer feedback

  • help customers spread the word about your brand

  • attract a wider customer base

YouTube Marketing Tips YouTube Marketing

No business can dare to ignore social media marketing these days. And YouTube offers you one of the best platforms to spread the word about your brand and give your prospects a clear picture of your products in action. Use visuals and sound to create a compelling marketing or storytelling tool for your business to attract visitors, generate interest, and build customer trust.

  • Optimize: By optimizing videos for targeted keywords, you can use YouTube marketing service to rank higher in the search engines and get fast results. Once a video ranks higher in YouTube, it is more likely to stay there for longer periods and thus help drive more traffic to your sales funnel.
  • Demonstrate expertise: By uploading video tutorials with visual tips to use your products, you can demonstrate expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the niche, thus attracting a wider audience.
  • Save Bandwidth: By embedding video content in your website through YouTube, you will be saving your site’s bandwidth, without slowing down download speed for customers.
  • Leverage Successful Events: By showing video footage of successful events or promotions using YouTube, you can easily leverage the power of visual content to engage prospects, attract target audience, and drive sales.
  • Find solutions to customer problems: By including visual message about solutions to certain common and not so common problems related to your product usage, you can make it easier for prospects to use your products conveniently. YouTube videos give you the best tool to establish yourself as a leader in the industry. A video can be used to troubleshoot a common problem with your product or address a frequently asked question about your brand or product. Grab the opportunity to show customers how to deal with the problems, rather than letting them go to the competition to find an easy way out. Show them all the tricks of the trade to establish your brand authority.

Do not forget to add subtitles or closed captions to your videos. After all, not everyone can view or hear videos the same way. By including the written word, you will go that extra mile and create an edge over the competition that merely uses visual content. As a powerful branding tool, YouTube marketing videos allow you to capture visual attributes of your product that create a first impression on prospects and help you generate engaged, well-targeted traffic for your site. If you’re looking for an easy way to expand your business reach, use YouTube marketing service to promote your brand today.

Here is a nice video on YouTube Marketing with some very good tips.

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A high-quality video posted on your site can help draw attention of prospects to your business and brand and seamlessly convert leads into sales. In fact, storytelling through video marketing has become a crucial part of marketing that helps create awareness for brands looking to make an impression on their target audience, build brand image, and drive sales. According to Cisco, 66% of the total mobile traffic will be video by 2016.

Here are a few tips on creating marketing videos:

Show your personality

Your company video will be the first thing viewers will come across on your website. It is therefore important that your video reflects your company personality and brand. Show your prospects that you are made of real people that are best suited to help them find the solution they are looking for. It is especially true if you own an ecommerce store that specializes in local products. A compelling video that engages your prospects has a greater chance of becoming viral and converting leads into sales. Since online video is the future of local advertising, local video marketing will help create the buzz about your brand and bring prospects closer to your business.

Create a compelling message

What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? While creating marketing videos, it is important to clearly define your USP and show the audience why you are unique from the competition. It’s your USP that will set you apart from the crowd and give you an edge. Focus on the selling points that will make the video popular and help in the conversion of viewers into buyers.

Don’t target a viral video

One of the best video marketing strategies is to focus on making a conversion or engagement video to make for a successful campaign. Focusing on making a video viral will be like sounding death knells for it, as your focus here will be only on distribution, not returns. If you focus on increasing engagement with prospects, it will help improve conversion rates and indirectly contribute toward maximizing ROI.

Keep videos short

Shorter videos are attractive enough for people to watch the whole thing. Contrarily, the longer the video, the less attractive it will be to viewers, as after a certain point of time, there is a drop in the engagement level. So while creating marketing videos, it is critical to keep the video short and the content as concise as possible to raise the engagement level. However, for longer videos, one of the best video marketing ideas is to consider a harder stop, instead of a meandering wrap-up, so that viewers do not drop off the video and continue to stick around to see your call to action.

Optimize for YouTube

YouTube Optimize YouTube is a crucial part of the video marketing SEO strategy. Statistics show that 20% of the prospects aren’t viewing television, but they are closely watching YouTube. As the second largest search engine, YouTube attracts significantly huge traffic. Prospects interested in your brand or niche will explore YouTube to look for relevant products or services. If your video does not show up in YouTube, you will be losing out to the competition.

With a video marketing SEO strategy focusing on providing value to the prospects, you have a better chance of staying one up on your competitors. Google tends to favor informative video content compared to strictly sales videos.

Are you running a small business and looking for ways to attract more customers? We have just the answer for you: online video marketing. Research shows that online video marketing is one of the fastest rising advertisement methods out there, and people greatly benefit from investing in a quality explainer video to promote their business. Living in today’s world, you may already have considered online video marketing as a great option, but if you still need convincing, let us help you out:

The Oomph Factor

Video adds an extra dimension to your online ad, and in a mere two to three minutes, you can relate your concept better than you can in the limited space you would get in a magazine or news print advertisement. Videos are stimulating in a way that text isn’t, as text requires more focus and time, which most users just aren’t willing to spare out of their fast-paced lives. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to online video marketing for their promotional needs.


Like we said before, more and more businesses are jumping on the online video marketing bandwagon every day. This means that most of your competitors have already utilized the power of their video, and are taking away clients from your business because they’ve got a more effective marketing method. Don’t let them take away the customers that should be yours; it’s time to up your game and meet them head on by getting on the same level. Invest in a good quality video to promote your business and also gain marketing advantage.


Humans need emotional cues to help them make decisions, and text can take too long to convey the same kind of emotion that video can in a short period of time. That’s why books can be about a thousand pages long, and the movie versions are just 90 minutes long. Video allows both our brain’s auditory and visual senses to be simulated, and we pick up on music, body language, colors, and movement, all of which register more deeply with our systems, and stay with us for longer.

The Human Aspect

A video allows the potential customer to see you on screen, sharing your story about your work, and allows connections to be forged on a humanistic level. This means that once people can put a face to a name, they are more willing to trust you and your company. Your credibility rises, and people start to see you as an honest business that they should become a part of.

Quality online video marketing is sure to bring attention and increased sales to your products or services. You’ve been thinking about it, and now it’s time to act on it.

Here is a sample explainer video:

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