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More and more businesses are starting to invest in good quality explainer videos and video advertising to promote their products and services. If you run a small business and need all the publicity you can get, video advertising may be the solution you’re looking for. The benefits of video marketing for your business are many. Here are a few reasons which might convince you to hop on to the video advertisement trend and start promoting your business today:

Jumping on the Video Advertising Bandwagon

Video is the true storyteller of our age, and the average American is viewing more and more videos on a daily basis. YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Dailymotion exist only so they can relay videos to us, the hungry consumers. Apart from that, social media sites and apps are fast incorporating videos, so that the everyday consumer is watching videos on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other sites they use regularly. In such an age, not having video on your site makes you seem out-dated and not in touch with what’s going on. People, therefore, see you as less credible and rather old-fashioned. Jumping on the bandwagon, in this case, is a good idea for you and your business.

Enhancing Your Reach

Videos are easy to share, and allow your marketing campaign to reach far and wide, attracting more customers. You can also place your ads on different websites that you know people visit every day, and on popular social media platforms. You can also place your ads on streaming websites, because that’s how most people watch TV shows and movies nowadays, with very few people taking out the time to watch television. Video advertising also means that if you ever get any press coverage, the link to your video will probably be included, allowing viewers to hear your story in your own words, the way you want them to.

Appealing to the Absent-Minded

This age of video and animation has also managed to shorten the average person’s attention span. Nobody is willing to sift through lines and paragraphs of text just to get an idea of what a business does. If in the first two minutes it’s not apparent, or if the ad fails to pique the viewer’s interest, they’re likely to move on. Videos intrigue people, and manage to tell a whole lot more in a couple of minutes than a whole page of text can. Have you ever found yourself halfway through a page of reading, and still have no idea what you just read because your mind started to wander? Videos make sure that people’s attention stays just where you want it to.

It is, however, important to make sure that the video is of good quality, and is brief. The internet is riddled with low budget, and amateur videos, make sure yours stands out among the riff raff. For the best video advertisement, turn to us at Pro Video Advertisement, and we’ll meet all your video needs.

Here is a sample Explainer Video found in YouTube. This video was create to help students to register.

[svpVideo v=1]

Note this video was not created by Pro Video Advertisements

Explainer Video.

Do you want to present your product or service in an fresh, modern and effective way while at the same time capturing the attention your intended customer or client?

We’re not talking about old fashion, boring corporate videos or commercials. We mean a compelling video that is entertaining, an attention getter, and also professional.

We are talking about the new way of marketing. We are talking about animated explainer videos. You need to also remember, your customer’s attention span is 3 minutes or less.

Meet the Explainer Video

How did the explainer video come to be?

No one knows for sure, but we suspect it was a combination of influences from the Internet and Technology Era combined with the need to tell stories in a new way. The voice of the explainer video is a good story teller. You know like that Uncle that always had a great story to tell. Amazing and fantastic but also true.

Even though there are many explainer video software packages and explainer video templates that make the job of creating explainer videos a lot easier, it is just not that simple. Explainer video cost can be overwhelming if you use an explainer video production company. If you do it yourself it could become a daunting task.

Either way it makes good business sense to understand the components of a good explainer video production in order to make good business decisions.

Listed here are 5 important components of an explainer video:

  1. Know Your Target Audience –

    The golden rule of any promotion. All orators, politicians and debaters know this. Understanding your audience will help you deliver the right words and images to please and entertain them. You know your niche, you should know your audience within this niche.

  2. Use Normal Speaking Language

    Consider the way you would clarify a concept or idea to a family member or neighbors. This is actually the type of language you need to use inside your video. This ties into the first component of knowing you audience. It is important for the video not to appear to be a marketing or sales hype. Utilizing the same speaking language your audience is used to hearing will help capture the attention of your audience while instilling a reason for them to like your products or services.

  3. Make it Simple

    It is normal to want to stuff as much info as possible about your product or service in the video. When creating an explainer video less is much more. Create a summary of all of the advantages worth focusing on. You should try to explain your products or services in the firs 5 phrases in a way that will capture you audience. The first 30 seconds are crucial so they will not click away. Once you have gotten your audiences’ attention you want to give your audience sufficient info to lure them with out boring them.

  4. Determine Discomfort Factors and Solve Them

    Everybody loves a good tale and each good tale includes adversity and courage. Probably the most persuasive method to connect your audience would be to rapidly present the problem or crisis and then show how your products or services can solve this problem. Focus on clients’ discomfort factors and just how their life could be a lot better if they utilized your products or services.

  5. Produce Motion to Create Action

    The easiest method to amaze your audience would be to produce a video that demonstrates how your products or services will benefit them. Throw them directly into the experience as though they were going through it motion3right then and there. The visible story can make your audience really feel linked and more prone to recommend your brand name. Never, ever forget to include a call to action. Tell them what they should do right now to solve the dilemma.

Here’s one particualr nicely-performed explainer video. Take a look:

[svpVideo v=1]

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