Why Explainer Videos Are So Popular

Think about when you’re downloading an app from Google Play or the App Store. You find one that seems right but you’re not sure how to work it, so you immediately turn to the few pictures provided in order to gauge the layout and functionality. Your eyes then automatically search for a video that explains how the app works, and if there isn’t one, chances are you’ll move on to the next app on the list. That’s how people view your business. Here’s how having explainer videos on your site’s landing page will help you:

Short Attention Spans

Nobody wants to read through pages and pages of material to find out what it is you actually do. If there’s a conveniently located video that one can watch to get an idea of the business, without feeling like they are watching a commercial, your customers are sure to increase. When creating anything for the internet, you have to keep in mind that all your viewers/readers probably have tens of tabs open, all vying for their attention. Explainer videos, however, are shorter and more informative, and more people will watch that instead of reading what seems like endless text.

Motion Detecting

When we go through the internet, all we see are words and numbers, and more words. But, from an evolutionary standpoint, our brains are actually designed to sense motion. Most flashy ads are placed in columns surrounding the text because our peripheral vision is excellent at picking up any signs of movement, and our attention automatically shifts. So when given the option to watch explainer videos, and let our brains absorb the information automatically, why would we choose to pore over text and do the heavy duty ourselves?


When it comes to press coverage, you don’t want the message of your company to be skewed by misinterpretations. Using explainer videos usually means that the link will be embedded and shared, so your potential customers see and hear and experience exactly the story you want to convey. This way, no matter where the message goes, it always stays the same, and tells your story the way you want it told. If one tries to explain what you do in text, and makes it seem much more complicated than it really is, it will turn away many people. Explainer videos always convey the right message quickly and easily.


Videos are easy to share on multiple social media platforms. So are articles, but if your Facebook friends shared an article on a new start-up, how likely are you to read it? A video, however, can be embedded right into the site, and can be played directly from your news feed, and so, you’re more likely to click on it. Videos can, therefore, go viral, and attract thousands of new customers. However, virality shouldn’t be your main focus when creating the video, and you should stick to ensuring that it is easy to view, and informative.

Turn to us at Pro Video Advertisements, and we’ll help you create some Explainer Videos for your products and services, so you too can experience the magic of online video advertisement, and see your business improve drastically.

Here is a sample explainer video created by Pro Video Advertisements for a Towing Company in Chicago.

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