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Welcome to Pro Video Advertisements

I am Orlando Rivera owner of Pro Video Advertisements. I started this video ad creation help site because I was looking for a video for my other businesses and had a hard time finding an affordable and professional video ad provider.[svpVideo v=1]

I have a janitorial company for over 12 years (Big O Business Services, LLC) and just started a floor care company company (De La Vega Floor Care). When I started my floor care company and was looking for a new ways to promote this business I wanted to have a video made so I could upload on my Facebook page and website. I was hard pressed to find a quality video for this purpose that was not expensive or cheap looking. I tried buying videos from sites like but never got what I was looking for and the professional video makers where asking over $500 to have a video made. This was way over my budget. I finally decided to try to learn video ad creation and started researching how to go about creating them.

To make a long story short, I learned the ins and out of video ad creation and was able to create a nice video for my business.

It came to me that many other businesses are probably going through the same dilemma I went through and that is why I created this website. This site was created to help other business owners find a way to create their own videos or provide them with an affordable and professional video ads.

I am here if you need any advise in creating your video, need help in the process of creating your video or would like me to create an inexpensive video for you.

So come join me in this never ending learning process. Let me hear about your problems and concerns, I’m sure I can help you out. If you want you can always email me your questions to [email protected]Orlando Big O RiveraThanks for visiting my Pro Video Advertisements